Quote of the day:

"Perfume is back again..." by Omegasaurs

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-------------"Super Impact POWERUP"------------

Powerup version!



Today's Blog: (by Chang Goon)

Topic: Analysing IDAD

Polular writer 'Go Home' will talk about his comments towards Desmond's latest hot book and series!

Song of the day:

"Blah Blah Black Sheep (Desmond remix)"-Desmond Ko (click here for Mp3 version)

It is always BBBS from Desmond. No other songs can beat it!!!


Book of the day:

"Irraptor and the Dark Army" by Desmond Ko.


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777 (phone) see more in "Contact"

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Ad choices

"PMMMMM" is the greatest brand ever!-by Muimui

"Lokbou's GunGun shop": BangBangBang! Gun is always the ruler. Therefore come and buy guns for victory! by Lok Bou

"Wong Gim's Magic Store": use magic to kill people! It may even kill yourself!!!


water > grass > lightning >> fire > wind > earth

Ling Loi's Words:

"I've recieved a lot of delightful news. Grass Group became one of the most powerful forces of the land, while Grass will remain dominant and mighty as we walk our way on the streets. Such happiness can be come true just because of the effort and help by our fellow Grass. Let's clap hands for ouselves.

What a wonderful year!"